… a young Italian woman, Rosa, love stationery since his childhood. She collected the small notebooks, gums …

Then she grew up, married, had four children … always accompanied by small notebooks. One per child, per year!
Meanwhile, Rosa became a specialist in occupational mobility and consultant in HR consulting, with his company href=”http://carnetadressesrh.com” Book Addresses HR . She also wrote a book, href=”http://gererefficacementundepart.com/” Effectively manage departure (Wiley). She noted that in her job, either during training, a conference or a meeting, we still needed something to take notes.
And the mini-Rosa, Book Addresses HR , met a great success.
With its small square, his mischievous smile, his freshness, his pace trend Mini Rosa seduces and sends her good humor.


So, Rosa decided to reconnect with his Italian roots, she has lived in France for 20 years, and launch her own line of stationery and small leather goods. She has realized his dream, his passion. Because she believes in paper, the pleasure of writing by hand, in a world increasingly digital. For her, writing is a sensual act, such as the shift to a Vespa PX vespa or click snap of a camera.
Write to free creativity, fantasy.
And because an idea, if it is not lying, flies!
With its small notebooks, Rosa wants to provide breathing moments of slowdown, sweetness and intimacy. idea


To carry out his project, Rosa is surrounded by caring and relevant advice for number of women

celine-  vero Céline et Véronique , talented and creative designers of the mini Rosa .

Paola , a friend to find the best paper

gaelle- Gaëlle , journalist and blogger, avid reader and wrote constantly on small notebooks! She has helped with pleasure Rosa to put into words his passion, his project and its teeming and inspiring ideas!

Gabriella , dynamic and extroverted young Italian, naturally works in communications and international affairs. His passion for European Excellence could only drive it on the road Rosa and Mini Rosa . She now struggles to keep the “books” away from his daughters …. already FANS!

Angela , young innovative entrepreneurs in France for several years, she has developed the family business with an iron fist and a contagious smile. In a curious and always on the lookout for new natural, she could not resist joining the adventure Rosa !

Alessandra Alessandra : brand manager in perfumes interested in brand building problematic, encouraged Rosa to launch his own. Amant travel and cultural differences, it accompanies every important moment of his life by writing a book or her emotions of the moment to preserve them in time.

Florence- passionate and beautiful good things, Florence orchestra brands communication and those who make them for over fifteen years. A little geeky, and addicted to his smartphone, she practices daily the Internets and social networks while exploring greedily gastronomy, his great passion. Love of Italy and its lifestyle, its favorite for Mini Rosa was instant and joyful for the pleasure of beautiful letters and pretty paper.

Rosa has chosen a high quality recycled paper and the Italian company Fabriano, located in the Marche region, which provided Michelangelo, Beethoven!
Its small notebooks, proposed by four, pay tribute to the Four Seasons, in a nod to Italy, Vivaldi and music!


Rosa also designed a deliciously retro purse, earrings, pendants and beautiful linen sleeves. In a word, everything that goes into a woman’s bag … or the pocket of a man!

Because sensitive people will always need to write.
Because the world will always need freshness, delicacy …
For the pleasure of finding things simple, essential and true.
This signature line Mini Rosa R!